Baseball Blast

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Tee up 2K Games' Baseball Blast and find out who's the best virtual slugger on your crew.

Baseball Blast [2k Games]Platform: Exclusively for the Nintendo WiiRated: E for Everyone


Tee up 2K Games' Baseball Blast and find out who's the best virtual slugger on your crew.

Baseball Blast [2k Games]
Platform: Exclusively for the Nintendo Wii
Rated: E for Everyone

Baseball Blast is the only licensed Major League Baseball mini-game experience on the market. Test your big league skills with more than 20 baseball challenges, including MLB trivia, puzzles and batting and pitching competitions. There's one way to find out which player on your crew is MLB-bound on the Wii, and that's by engaging in a full-out tournament-style competition with 2K Sports' Baseball Blast.

STACK's Favorite Features
Power Pitcher:
See who's got the hot hand on your team in this speed pitching mini-game. Similar to the old carnival fast pitch game, where a ball player pays a couple bucks for the chance to out-throw his friends and impress the girls, you can send some heat with the Wii controller to gain the highest score over the rest of your crew.

Trivia Mode: There's always one player on your team who thinks he knows everything about baseball (we have a guy like that in our office). To truly test his knowledge and yours, the trivia challenge in Baseball Blast is the only way to go. With hundreds of questions, the trivia mode is sure to stump even the cleverest of players.

Compete in Baseball Blast: Play in a round-robin tournament against your friends to see who's the best. Earn points by competing in each mini-game to gain strategy cards that help you score more runs and pitch a shutout against your opponent. Do you have what it takes to be number one? There's only one way to find out.

STACK's Take
This is the must-have game for all the MLB post-season parties. With a wide variety of quick mini-games, the fun never stops, and it's easy to get everyone in the family and/or crew involved. It's not the most realistic baseball game out there, but then again, 2K Games has the MLB 2K Series for that. It's all-around fun and will keep you playing for hours.

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