Catcher Technique, Part 9: What to Expect at a Baseball Showcase

Know what to expect before you attend a baseball showcase to improve your chance of impressing college coaches and pro scouts.

Baseball showcases are typically designed for high school players to perform in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

What do coaches want?

The first things coaches look for are attitude, attire and appearance. Coaches arrive before the event starts. Sometimes they sit in the stands to watch how players act as they approach the field. As a player, you must be on your best behavior. Arrive 15 minutes early, dressed in your full baseball uniform. Be clean shaven, and demonstrate a pleasant personality with showcase staff. If you see a coach for whom you'd like to play, approach him and introduce yourself.

How will I compare with other players at the showcase? It's a source of anxiety many athletes feel prior to attending a showcase. The only thing you can do is be physically and mentally prepared to compete at your highest level. Coaches look for players who stand out in more than one category. If you can hit, but struggle with the glove, make sure you have worked hard on your defensive skills before the event.

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What not to do

Don't show your high school statistics to a coach. The coaches know what they are looking for in a player, and bringing your statistics to a showcase will not impress them. Parents, it's not a good idea to talk to coaches before or after a showcase. Especially avoid starting a conversation with, "I am not saying this just because he is my son...." Coaches and scouts are paid to evaluate talent at showcases, and most of them are pretty good at their jobs.

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Showcases and events are hosted by a variety of organizations, coaches, companies and training facilities. Some cost $100 and some cost over $500, so find out everything you can about each event.

What should I look for?

  • Value: What do I get for my money?
  • Location: How far is the event from my home?
  • Website: Will my results be posted on a website that coaches can review?

What will I do there?

  • All players are timed in the 60-Yard Dash.
  • Outfielders make two throws to second base, third base and home plate.
  • Infielders field routine, backhand, forehand and slow-roller ground balls.
  • Catchers make four to six throws to second base and maybe third base.
  • Pitchers throw to batters or in the bullpen while batters hit on the field.

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