The 5 Most Effective Supplements for Baseball Players

Check out this list of five safe and effective supplements for baseball players from STACK expert Gabe Lazzaro.

Protein Powder
The steroid era of baseball has thankfully come and gone. Now, baseball players are looking for safe (and legal) ways that they can enhance their performance with supplements.

Before taking a supplement, it's important to understand that supplements account for less than one percent of the results you see on the field or in the weight room. Truly significant gains come from hard work, developing your skills and improving your physical ability.

Now that we have a realistic view of supplements, let's take a look at some natural supplements that are worth the investment for baseball players.


Although you may not consider water a supplement because it is regularly consumed through a normal diet, hydration is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of sports nutrition. Every process that takes place in the human body relies on water, so proper hydration is a must. Drink about a gallon of water per day.

Green Food Powders

Most diets come up short in fruits and vegetables. Green food powders are a quick and easy way to make up for these deficiencies. Companies like Amazing Grass and Athletic Greens offer quality green food powders that are packed with nutrients and can improve digestion, support the immune system and boost energy levels.

Fish Oil

Fish oil may be the most all-encompassing dietary supplement available. It helps support the heart, brain and joints while reducing the risk of disease. Quality and purity are often concerns when selecting a fish oil supplement. Nordic Naturals is regarded as one of the best suppliers of high quality fish oil supplements.

Protein Powder

You should always base your diet on quality whole foods, but long practices, games and bus rides can sometimes get in the way. This is where a protein shake can come in handy. Blend in some fruits and healthy fats (like peanut butter or olive oil) and you'll have a meal that can help stimulate strength and size gains if consumed after a workout. Learn more about how to get your protein.


Creatine is the only product on this list that I consider a sports supplement rather than a dietary supplement. It is one of the few supplements that is has been scientifically proven to increase performance and help build muscle safely. (Learn more through STACK's Creatine Guide.)

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