Baseball/Softball Players: Finally, a Better Way to Improve Your Swing

The Easton Power Sensor connects your bat to a mobile device and provides swing data to help you improve your at-bats.

The time of not knowing how to fix your baseball or softball swing is over. Easton has teamed up with Blast Motion to create the Easton Power Sensor, which captures a variety of swing metrics. Players can now view and study a wide range of data to improve their batting performance.

The sensor simply slides over the knob of the bat and can be connected to a mobile device. When you swing, the power sensor captures data such as time to contact, swing speed, bat path, and much more.

A feature called Blast Factor combines your power index and efficiency index to give you a combined score, up to 100. This helps you track your progress over time and learn what you need to do to improve. After studying your swing data, you can share it on social media if you like and compare it with your friends.

Check out the video in the player above to learn more on the Easton Power sensor.

Easton Power Sensor

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock