Basketball Blowout Issue 2016: Table of Contents

With features on Karl-Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler, J.R. Smith and the Cavs' Starting 5, Paul George, and many more.

Karl-Anthony Towns' Beastly Off-Season Workout

The 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year isn't resting on his laurels. Towns spent the off-season grinding in Southern California, where he hit the weights harder than a lot of NFL guys. His goal? To come back even stronger in Year 2. "I feel like I have so much more to prove," Towns says. Here's what else is on his mind.



Cavs Starting 5

Steal These Tips from the Cavs' Starting 5

J.R. Smith reveals his secret to laser accuracy from beyond the arc, LeBron James shares a drill he uses to stay a step ahead of his opponents (just ask Andre Igoudala), and Kyrie Irving dishes up a hack he uses to improve his handles that's unlike anything you've ever seen. Check it out.



Paul George and Reggie Jackson

Showdown! Paul George and Reggie Jackson

Watch two of the NBA's most dynamic talents go head-to-head in a tough off-season workout. They're competitors, they're friends, and they're both better because of their rivalry. See for yourself.




Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler's Vert-Boosting Single-Leg Workout

Elusive. Explosive. Above the Rim. Those are just a few ways to describe Jimmy Butler's style of play. How does he do it? With help from an awesome off-season workout designed to make basketball players all of that and more. Take a cue from Butler and try these moves.



Joel Embiid

The Behemoth Plan: How Joel Embiid Got NBA-Ready

For two years, Joel Embiid was basketball's great white buffalo, an elusive talent with seemingly limitless potential. Find out how he got over the injury bug and built himself into a force on the court in this exclusive article.



Ricky Rubio

How Ricky Rubio Added 10 Pounds of Muscle and Took the Reins of the "Baby Wolves"

With many predicting that the Timberwolves will be one of the most exciting young teams in the league, Minnesota's dynamic point guard got serious about his training. See how he bulked up to make this his best year yet.




School Cafeteria

Eat Well Anywhere (Even at School!)

Think cafeteria food is rough? We show you how to navigate the lunch line and come out with a meal that actually supports your athletic goals. You'll learn how to get good nutrition out of a vending machine too. Really. 



Social Media

How Not to Ruin Your Scholarship Chances on Social Media

We have news for you: You're being watched by coaches, recruiters, and —worst of all—insane fans. What you do online can ether set you up for success or subvert that scholarship offer you've always wanted. Here's how to game the system to come out on top.



Dribbling Drills

Next-Level Dribbling Drills

Five ways you can improve your skills on the court today, broken down into simple step-by-step techniques. Master them today.


The Xbox One S Is Great, But Should You Get One?

The next evolution of the current generation of video game consoles is here. We got our hands on the Xbox One S Madden 17 Bundle and put it through its paces to help you decide if this great-looking console is worth your hard-earned cash. The short answer is yes. And no. 



A Revamped "My Player" Mode Makes NBA 2K17 Better Than It's Ever Been

There's no better time than now to be a video game-playing NBA fan. NBA 2K17 is the best basketball game we've ever played on any system. A big chunk of the fun comes down to the game's fantastic "My Player" mode, which puts you in the sneakers of an up-and-coming NBA superstar.

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