Build the Perfect Basketball Body

STACK combs through eight years of archives to find the best basketball exercises used by the pros to build the perfect basketball body.

Trap Bar Deadlift

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Why it made the cut: The Deadlift is a great exercise to strengthen the legs, hips and low back—key areas of a basketball player's body. (It's also a lot of fun to move some serious weight.) The Deadlift is an effective alternative to a Back Squat, which can be stressful on a tall player's back. The 7'2" Roy Hibbert can deadlift over 500 pounds with little risk. Holding the weight with his hands also amps up his grip strength, ensuring that no one will smack the ball out of his hands. Check out Roy Hibbert executing a deadlift above.

Sets/Reps: 4×3

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock