Improve Your Basketball Passes With Med Ball Exercises

Use these three team med ball exercises from STACK Expert John Cissik to add power and accuracy to your basketball passes.

Need to improve your basketball passing? Want to chuck outlet passes downcourt like Kevin Love? Then you need to incorporate med ball exercises into your workouts.

Med balls are essentially weighted basketballs. By performing drills that simulate game situations, you train the same muscles you use to pass a basketball to become stronger and more powerful, adding zip to your passes and making it harder for defenders to make a play on the ball. That added strength increases your overall body control, improving your passing accuracy.

Below are three med ball drills that will make you a better and more efficient basketball passer. Use a med ball that's heavier than a basketball but is relatively light—no more than 5 pounds.

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Med Ball Circle Drill

For this drill you need a med ball and a few friends—ideally five people. Everyone stands in a circle facing in toward the middle of the circle. The first player holding the med ball chest-passes it to a player across the circle. That player performs a chest pass across the circle to another player. The drill is repeated until the ball is passed back to the starting player. Throw the ball to the same person every time. After the ball has made its way around the circle, repeat at a faster speed. Continue for 4 or 5 times around the circle.

Monkey in the Middle

Two players face each other approximately 10 to 15 feet apart, one holding a med ball. A third player stands between them and serves as the defender. The two players facing each other must successfully pass the ball back and forth. The player in the middle attempts to steal the ball during each pass attempt. If the ball is stolen, the player who threw the pass moves into the middle.

Passing Line Drill

For the Line Drill, you need six players and one med ball. Five players line up side by side, and the sixth player stands in front facing them (per the diagram below). Player 1 passes the ball to player 6, who passes it to Player 2 and shuffles to the side. He receives a pass from Player 2 and passes it to Player 3. After Player 6 has passed the ball to each player in line, repeat the drill with another player in the Player 6 position. Repeat until each player has assumed every position.

Line Drill

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