Basketball Passing Drills That Teach the Fundamentals

Three basketball passing drills that teach the fundamentals from STACK Expert Michael Coleman of the Kansas Basketball Academy Foundation.

Basketball Passing Drills

Basketball would be boring without the simple art of passing. Passing drills are crucial for young players who are learning the game. Do you really know the best situation to use a bounce pass or a chest pass?

Here are some basketball passing drills courtesy of the Kansas Basketball Academy Foundation.

Basketball Passing Drills

Partner Passing

This drill is designed to teach transition passing with some conditioning.

  • Start at half court, 5 to 7 feet away from and facing partner
  • Shuffle down court, chest passing back and forth until you get to the free-throw line
  • Throw a chest pass to your partner who goes in for a left-handed layup
  • On next rep, partner reciprocates
  • Each of you should make two layups from the left and two from the right side
  • Repeat the drill, but bounce pass back and forth and end with a junp shot

3 Across

This drill teaches transition passing, moving without the ball and perimeter defensive transition.

  • Start at the baseline with three players spaced at least 10 feet apart
  • Players chest pass back and forth the length of the court until they get to the free-throw line
  • Middle player chest passes to player on the left for a layup and relocates to the wing
  • Player on the right relocates to the top of key

Weave Challenge

The Weave Challenge teaches effective full-court passing, finishing at the basket  and transition defense. Teach it in two parts.

Part 1

  • Three players—right (R1), middle (M1) and left (L1)— start at the baseline spaced at least 10 feet apart
  • As players start moving down court, M1 passes to R1 and cuts behind
  • R1 passes to L1 and cuts behind
  • L1 passes to M1 and cuts behind
  • Players continue passing and cutting the length of the court until they reach the free-throw line
  • M1 passes to R1 or L1 for a layup
  • Variation: finish with the shooter taking a jump shot and the other two players competing for the rebound as the shooter gets back on defense

Part 2

  • One player gets back on transition defense
  • Defender sets up in the paint to contest passes or shots
  • The other two players pass and cut, then try to score in a 2-on-1 situation

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