How to Perform 3 Unstoppable Post Moves

You don't need to be big and tall to become an effective post player in basketball. Learn three unstoppable moves in the post from STACK Expert Danny Wilkerson.

LeBron James post move

The game of basketball is won in the paint. Often the team that scores more points in the lane wins the game. An unstoppable post player is an asset to any team. A misconception among fans is that a post player must be big and tall. But technique is more important than size. You can become a better post player by developing your fundamentals and adding three unstoppable moves to your repertoire.

Post Play Fundamentals

  • First, do not post on the block—it's too deep in the lane. If you make a move to the baseline, you will end up under the rim. Instead post on the first hash mark above the block so you have room to move in either direction.
  • When you post, get low and show both hands to the passer. I always tell my players: "I need to see your palms."
  • Stand with a wide base with your arms in an L-Shape. This way the defender cannot reach around you.
  • The last three feet of the pass is yours. Just step to meet the ball.
  • On the catch, "chin" the ball by bringing it in close to your chest and under your chin. Opposing players will reach in and try to knock the ball away.

3 Unstoppable Post Moves

1. Drop Step to the Baseline

This is the most basic post move, but if you develop it, the defense will have a hard time stopping it.

  • Stand on the first hash mark above the block in a ready stance.
  • Show your palms, demand the ball and drop the foot closest to the basket.
  • Make a jump stop on the catch. Ideally you want your toes and shoulders pointing to the baseline—when you do this, the defender has two options: let you score or foul you.
  • Shoot the ball with one hand and use your other arm to keep the defender away.
  • Drop step to the middle to give yourself a counter move.

2. Up & Under

The most important part of this move is the ball fake: sell to the defender that you are going shoot the ball. When the defender reacts to the fake, attack the basket.

  • If you can sink a turnaround jump shot from the block, the Up & Under move will give you another option in the post.
  • Pivot on your inside foot, turn around and give a ball fake.
  • Step through with a power dribble and explode to the basket.
  • Do not pick up your pivot foot on the ball fake. Stay low and balanced, and finish the play.

3. Turn Around-Ball Fake-Spin

This is one of the most complex moves in the game. To succeed, you must put together all the moves you've learned so far.

  • After the catch, turn around and face the basket.
  • Give the defender a hard ball fake.
  • Step through with a power dribble, using the defender's body to gain momentum, and spin back to the middle.

In the video, Kayla demonstrates the move with a defender and a two-ball dribble in the post. She passes one ball back out and makes her move with the second ball.

To get this move down, you must really develop your footwork. Read my article on how to improve your footwork if you need help.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock