Play Better Basketball with Basketball Pro Workouts on GAIN Fitness

Train like the pros with the new Basketball Pro program for the GAIN Fitness app, designed by the pros at P3 in partnership with STACK.

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If you want to become a better basketball player, you need a performance plan that addresses your specific needs. Unfortunately, most athletes don't understand their strengths and weaknesses well enough to develop a workout plan that works well for them.

The solution to that challenge just got a lot easier, thanks to the performance experts at Peak Performance Project (P3). Elite NBA players like Deron Williams and Al Jefferson have worked with P3 for years to optimize performance, limit injury risk and maximize career productivity. P3's performance know-how is now available via the Basketball Pro program, available exclusively through the GAIN Fitness app.

Developed in partnership with STACK (yep, we had a hand in it, too), the Basketball Pro program gives every athlete the chance to work out in a customized manner like an NBA superstar. Here's a look at a few of the many ways the Basketball Pro program will take your hoops game to elite status.

Advice From Top Basketball Conditioning Experts

P3 performance experts use a multi-million dollar biomechanics lab to assess the abilities of their pro athlete clients and develop customized workout plans. Their proprietary knowledge is what brings several top NBA franchises to P3's doorstep each year. (Check out STACK'S trip to the facility a few years back, when P3 experts were working with some of the young talent on the Utah Jazz.) The same principles that power workouts for NBA players inform the workouts in the Basketball Pro program.

Basketball Pro Assessment

Complete a pro-style assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

The Basketball Pro program includes a free athletic assessment, based on a number of the same tests P3 clients take. Eight performance tests measure your speed, strength, hops and durability, providing a rating for each to give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

Compare Yourself to Teammates and Competition

After you take the assessment, you'll get an athletic rating score for each test and an overall total score of your athletic ability. Share your personal scorecard with teammates, coaches and friends via Facebook, Twitter and text messages to see if you're the best athlete in your crew.

Customized Workout Plans

The results of your athletic assessment aren't just for bragging rights. The GAIN Fitness App uses those results to power a customized workout plan designed to address your specific strengths and weaknesses so you can achieve better results faster.

Workout Schedule

Workouts designed to fit your schedule.

Schedule Your Training Sessions

As a competitive athlete, you've got a busy practice and game schedule. That's why the Basketball Pro program allows you to set your training schedule around your games, so your workouts don't interfere with your on-court performance.

Fast, Intense In-Season Workouts

During basketball season, you have limited time for workout sessions. Thus, the program's in-season workouts are quick and intense, taking 20 minutes or less to complete. You'll be able to get faster, stronger and better during the season, while still having the time and energy to dominate practices and games.

Year-Round Training

The first workout plan released in the Basketball Pro program is the In-Season Workout. Early in 2013, off-season workout plans will be released, which will grow in intensity as the next season approaches. Each workout will build off the previous one, and they will all be customized to your specific needs, ensuring that your game will be at its best when the season hits.

Download the Gain Fitness app for iOS by clicking the button below and check out the Basketball Pro program.

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