Know Your Role and Score More Points With Basketball Shooting Drills for Every Position

STACK Expert Kyle Ohman shares basketball shooting drills (with demonstration videos) for every position on your team.

Basketball Shooting Drill

Good basketball shooting drills can be the difference between becoming a really good shooter and simply spending hours in the gym working hard and struggling to advance your skill development. You want drills that are going to challenge you but also help with what you specifically need to work on.

The drills you use most depend on the position you play and your role on the team. You want to work on the types of shots you are going to take during games. If your role on the team is to come off screens for open shots, you need to perform shooting drills that fortify your footwork, shot preparation and squaring up.

Point Guard Shooting Drills

Point guards are primarily set-up players. Their job is to get the rest of the team organized and direct the offense so that it runs smoothly. But there are times when the point guard needs to score. If the defense knows the point guard is not a threat, opponents won't leave their man to double team when the point guard penetrates, thus limiting the point guard's ability to set up his or her teammates.

Ball Screen Pull-Up Jump Shot

Quick Feet In & Out Crossovers Basketball Drill

Two-Ball Attack Basketball Drill

Wing Player Shooting Drills

Wing players usually take the majority of the team's shots. Knowing this, the defense keys on the wings to make sure they don't get easy attempts. Wing players either need to use a screen to get open or be able to create their own shot off the dribble. The goal for all shooters should be to get good scoring opportunities within the offense.

Stephen Curry Basketball Shooting Drill with Curl

Star Drill 3-Pointers

Ball Screen Defender Goes Under Shot

Post-Player Shooting Drills

Unless you are a spread post player, you typically won't get many plays designed for you to shoot. But that  doesn't mean that you won't find yourself in shooting situations within the offense. When you think about getting shots as a post player, think about two things: spacing the floor and reacting. Those are the two ways you will get shots. When a wing player drives to the basket, your defender will likely step up to give help. That means you can move to the short corner or the elbow for a catch-and-shoot opportunity. After you set a screen for a teammate, never stand and watch. Always react: either roll to the basket or move out for an open look. Here are some drills that work on these two shooting areas.

Lane Lines Touch Backboard Shooting Drill

Game Situation Pick & Pop Shooting Drill

Game Situation Post Flash Shooting Drill

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