Build Endurance With This Basketball Transition Drill

STACK Expert Michael Coleman provides a drill to help your athletes learn transition offense while working on fundamentals and conditioning.

Basketball Pass

Enduring tough conditioning drills will prepare you for next basketball season. Enhance your fundamentals while staying in shape with this transition offense conditioning drill from Onteora (N.Y.) High School coach Samuel Guest. (See also Dwyane Wade's On-Court Basketball Skills and Conditioning Routine.)


  • Needed: 10 Players (5 per team)
  • Running time: 8 Minutes
  • Sets/Reps: Play 5 possession sets, rotating teams
  • Focus: Running a non-stop rotation of transitioning offense. The key is running lanes and balancing the floor.

Offense Transition Drill

  • Offense starts with the ball at the top of key
  • Defense will be man-to-man (ball-deny-help)
  • The ball is passed to the wing (defense rotates)
  • Wing player tries to drive to the basket going through the defense
  • Offense should be aggressive trying to get defense out of rotation and in foul trouble


  • First Option: Let the wing finish with a layup; the opposite wing player should be at the basket ready for a rebound.
  • Second Option: Wing player dribbles to corner, reversing to small forward who hits a trailer coming down the middle.
  • Third Option: Wing player dribbles to the corner, reversing to the opposite side of the court. Trailer sets a screen for small or power forward on opposite side of ball who cuts to the basket for a layup.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock