Moves After the V-Cut, Part 1

Make yourself a more valuable basketball player by perfecting the V-Cut. Once you get the ball after performing a V-Cut, try one of these three moves.


As a basketball player, you can never stand still and expect to get the ball on offense. You should always be cutting and moving to get open.

One of the easiest cuts to make is the V-Cut. The V-Cut is just like it sounds: you cut in the form of the letter V. If you are on the wing, free throw line extended, you cut to the basket, then pop back out to the wing. When making your cuts, you need to be quick. As you make your cut to the basket, go at a deceptively slow pace, to set up the cut. As the defender follows you to the basket, plant the foot closest to the basket and push off it to quickly pop out to the wing.

As an offensive player, you must learn to read what the defense gives you off your cuts. You must not only read your individual defender, you must also read the cuts of your teammates and recognize what the defense is giving up. The following three videos will demonstrate the V-Cut from the wing and moves off of the cut.

V-Cut Layup

Make your cut, pop back out to the wing, receive the ball. Work both sides of the floor. Footwork is right hand/left foot or left hand/right foot.

V-Cut Reverse Layup

Make your cut, pop back out to the wing, receive the ball. The reverse layup gives you another option against the defense. You use the basket to prevent your defender from blocking your shot. Before moving to the reverse layup, master regular right hand and left hand layups. The footwork for the reverse layup is opposite that for the regular layup.

V-Cut 1 Dribble Pull-Up Jump Shot

Make your cut, pop back out to the wing, receive the ball. After you've beat your defender to the basket several times for layups, he or she will give you space. Attack the defender with a hard dribble to the basket, then pull up for the jumper. Use a high hard dribble on the pull-up to get your jumper off more quickly.

Be on the lookout for the next three moves off the V-Cut. Practice these drills to perfection. Make good hard cuts. Tweet me questions @dwilk3 or email me at

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