Coach Basketball With Video Training Drills

Want to get your players to understand the drills you're coaching. Show don't tell. STACK Expert Kyle Ohman explains why.

Watching film

In my experience as a coach, I've found athletes respond better when you "show" instead of "tell." Think about it. A play doesn't come alive on paper. The only way you can truly discover its effectiveness is when you actually run it.

The same applies with basketball drills. Athletes can read through the bullet points of a drill, but many still won't understand what to do. It's much better to have them learn by watching a video of a specific training drill.

Using videos will help both you and your athletes get down to what's critical: proper form and technique—essentially what you're supposed to be doing. Ideally, you want to show basketball video training with text included. That way, you double understanding and maximize your time.

Online training videos give you the ability to access them almost from anywhere. STACK and BasketballHQ have made it their mission to help you get better by constantly adding new content.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, the information is at your fingertips ready to help you. Coaches, that means no more printing out workouts for your players, or having to re-explain the drill you coached a month ago. Just have your athletes access the videos you select, and have expert instructors teach them. You will maximize their effort and workout time, especially if they do it by themselves at home. That shows they're taking the initiative to elevate their game.

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