Batter Up With DeMarini's 2012 CF5 Bat

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Strong, powerful and efficient—attributes every baseball player wants on the diamond. Boost your game with DeMarini's latest creation, the CF5 bat, releasing in July.

One of DeMarini's lightest and strongest bats, the CF5 is engineered to provide maximum quality performance. Constructed of two independent composite walls, the CF5's inner layer acts as a spring, enabling the ball to rebound at higher speed and for greater distance.

The CF5's handle and barrel feature DeMarini's Rotation Index, a numerical reminder to incrementally rotate the bat after each hit to prolong the life of your bat. The handle is also designed to maximize power from your hands and to help you achieve balance and consistency in each swing. The end cap is full of load-balancing triangles that maintain the stiffness of the barrel and give you amazing feel shot after shot.

The internal ring states the CF5's BBCOR certification, meaning the bat is legal for high school and collegiate play. BBCOR refers to Ball-Bat Coefficient of Restitution, a measure of the rebound ratio of a batted ball.

Note: the NCAA requires that all bats be BBCOR-certified for college-level play; and starting in January 2012, the National Federation of State High School Associations [NFHS] will require BBCOR certification on bats used for high school play. Read more about keeping your bat legal.

Photos:  DeMarini

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock