Battle Your Teammates With PlayStation Move's Sports Champions

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In case beating your opponents on the field isn't enough competition for you, grab a PlayStation Move controller and let your teammates feel your wrath in Sports Champions on PlayStation 3.

The Move controller uses a fast and easy calibration system: you see yourself on camera; and the game asks you to make three simple movements—hold the controller at your shoulder, at your side and at your waist. After that, the games begin!

The Move controller allows  players to match their movements in the game to an amazingly accurate degree. You feel like you're spiking the volleyball, throwing a frisbee and—our favorite—wielding a battle axe in a gladiator duel.

Playing traditional sports with Sports Champions is extremely entertaining, but you and your mates will find the most competitive fun in gladiator duel. You can dodge an attack, bash your enemy with your shield and finish him off with a powerful slash. You get bragging rights for knocking your opponent's avatar to the ground or off the ring entirely. To control your shield and weapon movements, you can use either one Move controller or two.

PlayStation Move has completely revolutionized the way we enjoy PS3 games. Sports Champions gives a taste of great things to come. We will stay tuned to future developments from Sony and keep you up to speed.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock