Be More Explosive With Dwyane Wade and CourtGrip

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You 'd never guess that Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade would need a secret weapon to remain one of the best players in basketball. He led the Heat to the NBA Championship in 2006;  last year, his first as part of the Big Three, the Heat won the Eastern Conference title; and in the NBA Finals, D-Wade put up 27 points, seven rebounds and five assists per game.

But the fact is that D-Wade does use a secret product, one that helps him keep his footing. He is working with Mission Athletecare to introduce CourtGrip, a liquid that improves traction when applied to the bottom of basketball sneakers. The product reduces slippage on the court, allowing athletes to make quicker moves, be more explosive and play with more confidence—without having to worry about falling down.

CourtGrip is designed to help players in pick-up games on dusty, well-worn basketball courts, but Wade used it last year on some top-flight NBA courts around the country. "During these halftime shows, there's a lot that goes on," says Wade. "Playing in rec leagues or open gyms—even now, on the best courts—they can still be slippery."

For $15, you can grab an eight-ounce bottle of CourtGrip, exclusively at Foot Locker and "I tested it a lot in practice," says Wade, "and I wanted to share it."

CourtGrip won't help you play like Dwyane Wade, but at least you won't spend half the game picking yourself up off the floor.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock