The 15-Minute Beach Muscle (Plus Hustle) Workout

Want to bulk up for the beach? This workout will pump up your muscles without sacrificing your performance.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to bring out your beach muscles. As an athlete, your training shouldn't necessarily focus on your beach muscles, but it's OK to get a pump in—as long as you don't neglect your hustle. (And, as long as you follow the guidelines for building muscle for athletes.)

In other words, it's great to pump up your chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps, but it's even better to do it in a way that'll help you build a strong and powerful upper and lower body that won't quit. This way you get the muscle and the hustle.

Here's a 15-minute workout you can use to build your muscle (to look pumped) and your hustle (to help your power endurance.)

Note: This workout is not designed to replace a comprehensive weight-training session.


  • Perform paired exercises in superset fashion.
  • Rest as needed between exercises and paired sets so you have enough strength and energy to perform each rep with perfect form.

The Workout

1a. Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups: 2-3xMAX

1b. Leg Complex x 2-3

  • Split Squats or Bulgarian Split Squats: x 10-12 each leg
  • Reverse Lunge x 10-12 each leg
  • Single-Leg Step-Up With Knee Drive x 10-12 each leg
  • Split-Squat Jumps x 10-12 each leg

2a. Push-Up Complex x 2-3

  • Med Ball Lock-Offs x 5-10 each side
  • Med Ball Crossover Push-Ups x 5-10 each side
  • Med Ball Close-Grip Push-Ups x 5-10
  • Med Ball Drop and Returns x 5-10

2b. Knee-Tap Squats - 2-3x6-10

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