Beach Volleyball Coach Sergio Rio Demonstrates Proper Technique to Perfect Your Serve

Coach Sergio Rio offers tips to help you perfect your technique for the standing floating volleyball serve.

Technique is crucial for a volleyball serve, especially if you want a consistent and accurate serve. Volleyball coach Sergio Rio of Club Med Academics in Sandpiper Bay, Florida, offers tips you can use to perfect your standing floating serve technique.

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To develop perfect technique on your serve, the first thing to focus on is your stance. Hold the ball in your non-dominant hand, the one opposite the hand you will hit ball with. Whichever hand the ball is in, make sure that same side leg is forward.

After you have stance down, you need to know where to hit the ball. Toss it up and hit the middle of the ball with the palm of your hand, just like you were giving someone a high five. The ball should float and move side to side but have no significant spin—almost like a knuckleball pitch in baseball.

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The last tip, very important for a proper serve, is to not follow through with your swing. Stop your hand at the top of your swing.

Learn the techniques shown in the above video, and you will develop a consistent and accurate standing floating serve in no time.

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