Beach Volleyball Coach Sergio Rios Provides Tips for Improving Your Blocking Technique

Master volleyball blocking technique with volleyball coach Sergio Rio.

When playing volleyball, a blocked spike is deflating for the opposing team. Volleyball coach Sergio Rio of Club Med Academies in Sandpiper Bay, Florida, offers tips to help players master volleyball blocking technique.

First, you need to set yourself in the correct stance. Stand tall close to the net with your hands up. This reduces reaction time to fully extend your arms and raises the probability of getting blocks during the match.

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Next, the action of the block itself. Bend your knees, explode up off the ground, extend your arms and penetrate on the other side of the net. When making contact with the ball, have big hands and go around the ball so it won't glance off your hand into your side of the court.

Be careful not to touch the net. In beach volleyball, it is illegal to touch the net. Watch the above video to see a simple drill you can perform to become an expert spike blocker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock