Madden Mondays: How to Beat Man Coverage

Learn how to beat man coverage in Madden from the writers of the Madden Prima strategy guide in STACK's Madden Monday series.

Matt Ryan - Madden 13

If you want to win Madden 13 games online, you've got to be able to beat man coverage. Period. Inexperienced player think a zone defense covers more of the field, but that's why they're inexperienced. Most decent players default to playing man-on-man single coverage, because it's more effective than a more complex zone.

Don't be fooled by all the different bubbles on the play-call screen. You have to know the routes to take and adjustments to make against a man defense in order to move the ball on offense.

In our regular Madden Mondays posts, we'll pass along tips from @SGibs and @ZFarls, the guys who literally write the Prima Strategy Guide for Madden every year. Last week, we opened the 2012 season with a look at how to properly run the triple option with Cam Newton. This week, we show you can't-fail tips and tricks for getting open against one-on-one coverage.



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