How to Become a Better Point Guard

Take your game to the next level by mimicking great point guards like Steve Nash and Jason Kidd.

Steve Nash

Consistently great point guards are among the rarest of athletes, even in the NBA. If you're able to transform yourself into a great point guard, you'll not only take your team far, but your talents will also be in high demand at the next level. Start training to become a better point guard by modeling your game after some of the NBA's greatest at the position.

Dribbling (Allen Iverson, Steve Francis)

Changing directions, weaving through defenses and attacking the basket all depend upon your dribbling ability. If you're constantly losing the ball or picking up your dribble prematurely, you're putting your team in a tough position. Improve your handle with stationary drills like Figure Eights and Two-Ball Drills.


Passing Ability (Steve Nash, Ricky Rubio)

Although point guards can score, their main job is to set their teammates up for easy baskets and good looks. Work on chest passes, bounce passes and passing on the move. For an added challenge, complete passing drills with one hand.


• Target Passing: 2 x 10 (each type of pass at a set target)

Basketball IQ (Jason Kidd, Tony Parker)

Arguably the most important asset for any point guard is deep knowledge of the game. Great point guards are like coaches on the court. They know the strengths, weaknesses and tendencies of every player on the floor, recognize opportunities and challenges and orchestrate plays that maximize their teammates' potential.


• Study film
• Read scouting reports
• Work with your coach and read up on becoming a stronger leader

Greatness does not happen overnight, but if you dedicate your time to improving your game in these three areas, you'll slowly become the elite point guard your team desperately needs.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock