Deshaun Watson Predicted He'd Dominate a National Championship Game Almost Four Years Ago

The prophecy came true.

With one second on the clock and Clemson's first championship in 36 years all but sealed, Deshaun Watson sat on the sideline with tears in his eyes. He'd just thrown his third touchdown of the night to give Clemson a 35-31 lead over Alabama, the climax of a two-minute drill that started back at Clemson's 30-yard line. One year after the Tigers let the national championship slip through their fingers to this same Alabama team, the trophy was theirs. It was a huge moment, made even bigger by the fact that Watson had predicted he'd be in this spot before he even got to Clemson.

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On January 7th, 2013, a year before he arrived at Clemson, Watson tweeted the above message. "Me. In a national championship game. I'm just waiting on that moment." His prophecy was realized last year, though the result wasn't what he wanted. But in 2012, Watson had taken it one step further, when he imagined how he'd play once he reached college football's biggest stage.

And go ham, he did. In his two national championship performance against 'Bama, Watson threw for 825 yards and 7 touchdowns while rushing for 116 yards and another TD. Impressive numbers for a kid who dreamed of this moment years before it came.

Deshaun Watson

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock