Ben Kingsley and Josh Hutcherson Join Forces on 'Backstabbing for Beginners'

The big screen political thriller 'Backstabbing for Beginners' will star Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley alongside Josh Hutcherson.

The big screen political thriller Backstabbing for Beginners will star Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley alongside Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games).

In addition to their on-screen roles, the two men are also executive producing this provocative film, about an idealistic young man named Michael (Hutcherson), who is determined to expose government wrongdoing at any cost. After landing a dream job with the U.N.'s Oil for Food program, Michael seems to have it made—until he gets caught up in the chaotic oil market of post-war Iraq. Kingsley plays his boss, Pasha, a seasoned diplomat whom Michael relies on for guidance. When Michael suspects a conspiracy at the highest level that he feels compelled to expose, he is willing to risk his own life and the career of his mentor to get the truth out.

Directing the picture is Danish filmmaker Per Fly, whose credits include Waltz for Monica. Fly and collaborator Daniel Pyne (Strange Empire) wrote the screenplay, which was inspired by Michael Soussan's critically acclaimed memoir, Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy.

Kingsley can currently be seen in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt adventure biopic The Walk. As usual, he has several intriguing films in the works, including the action thriller Collide with Felicity Jones and a big screen adaptation of the classic Henrik Ibsen play,  A Doll's House.

Backstabbing for Beginners is set to start filming in January.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock