The Best Drills for Basketball

Improve all aspects of your basketball game by focusing on these foundational drills for basketball.

Two-Ball Dribble Drill
The right tools can be the difference between success and failure in life. It follows that the right basketball drills could give you the edge you need to get to the next level. As a basketball player, I was blessed to play at the Division I level and professionally overseas. For me, that meant spending countless hours in the gym training to improve my skills. Now, I'm passionate about helping basketball players achieve their goals and improve their game.

Here is a list of specialty drills designed to help get you there.

Ball Handling Drills

With so many different types of ball handling drills, it's important to mix them up so that you not only challenge yourself but also stay interested. Becoming a good ball handler is not just about being able to break someone's ankle; you also have to be able to handle the ball while seeing the court. If you have to look down to focus on your dribble you're going to miss open teammates and set yourself up for a turnover. Here is my list of the best dribbling drills.

Two Ball Dribbling Drills
Tennis Ball Drills
One Ball On the Move Drills

Shooting and Scoring Drills

You can't win games without being able to put the ball in the basket. As a shooter, it's important to work on your shot on a regular basis, because improvement comes through time and repetition. Performing the right shooting drills affirms that you are maximizing your time and getting lots of reps to build your muscle memory. Along with shooting, it's also important to be able to finish around the basket. Practicing different types of finishes will make you harder to guard and make it tougher for the big man to block your shot.

Shooting Drills
Finishing at the Basket Drills

Passing and Rebounding Drills

Since they lack glamour, rebounding and passing drills are not always the most popular, but they will add value to your game. Steve Nash is one of the many NBA athletes who has made millions of dollars throughout a long and productive career by being a good passer.

Passing Drills
Rebounding Drills

It's not enough just to work hard. You need to work smart. Knowing and practicing the best drills for basketball will allow you to truly improve your game and make you a better player. Be willing to put in the time and be patient with your progress. Even if you are unable to do the Two Ball Drills or Tennis Ball Drills at first, stick with them and continue to work hard. If you can do the drills easily when you first start, find more difficult drills. Challenge yourself every day and you will become a better basketball player.

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