Best glucosamine products

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Healthy joints are just as crucial to great athletic performance as strong muscles. Without them, you're gonna feel pain every time you take a jumper, stomp over a safety or cut by the defense.

Supplementing with glucosamine is an easy way to keep your joints loose and lubricated, therefore healthy and feeling good. Glucosamine is a natural substance in the cartilage of your body that is also found in the covering of shellfish. According to a study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, those who took glucosamine supplements daily for 12 weeks experienced a decrease in knee pain. Here's a look at five top glucosamine products.

GNC Glucosamine 500
Chondroitin 400

60-softgel capsule bottle: $17
Contains 150mg of glucosamine HCL per serving and is free of soy, corn, yeast and gluten.

Champion Nutrition
Pro Flex

60-caplet bottle: $20
Packed with nine vitamins and minerals, plus 1500mg of glucosamine HCL.

Everlast Nutrition
Premium Joint Repair

90 softgel capsule bottle: $30
With 325mg of glucosamine per serving, this formula also provides 83% of your recommended
daily value of vitamin E and 400mg of Omega-3 fish oil concentrate.

ISS Research Therajoint
84-capsule bottle: $30
At 1500mg per serving, this product has 500 grams of each of the three main forms of glucosamine (sulfate, HCL and N-Acetyl). The sulfate content is good for strengthening the collagen in your joints.

Twinlab Joint Fuel
60-caplet bottle: $27
Gluten-, milk- and lactose-free, three capsules have 750mg of glucosamine sulfate, 500mg of vitamin C and 100 percent of your daily value of zinc.

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