The Best Teams in Sports Video Games

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Madden 13 Cover
You're bound to run into the best teams online. Here's a look at what to expect in these popular sports games.

Madden 13

Top teams: Packers, Patriots, Giants

Keep a safety back against Victor Cruz, or risk getting burned by his speed (94). Against the Packers, beware of Aaron Rodgers' sneaky-good speed. And double Wes Welker when playing New England.

NHL 13

Top teams: Penguins, Red Wings, Canucks

Watch out for Evgeni Malkin (91 overall) on the Pens. Pavel Datsyuk (95 overall) is the big gun for the Red Wings. The Canucks rely on Robert Luongo (89 overall) in goal and the Sedin brothers, both rated 90 or better.


Top teams: Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid

You won't be able to stop Lionel Messi (94 overall) in the middle for Barcelona or Wayne Rooney for Man U. Real Madrid has a brick wall patrolling the net in Iker Casillas (89 overall). Also, putting an extra man on Ronaldo (92 overall) might be a good call.

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