The 8 Best Things Marshawn Lynch Has Ever Done

Marshawn Lynch doesn't talk much, but when he does, he coughs up memorable quotes. STACK tracks down 8 great moments from his career.

Marshawn Lynch is an anomaly. His physical running style sends giant men crashing into each other as they attempt to bring him down, creating a loud cacophony of clashing helmets, grinding bodies and groans and grunts. Yet off the field, he's quiet, almost ghost-like. His interviews are few and far between. Lynch chooses the shadows over the spotlight that has only gotten brighter as his career has advanced.

Marshawn Lynch

"Talking never won me nothing," he likes to say.

Fortunately, the Internet exists, and whenever Lynch has stepped to the mic, some pretty incredible sound bites have found their way online. We've collected the best and put them in one place so the curtain can be pulled back on the man they call Beast Mode. Let's begin.

"I'm about to find a way to treat my linemen to Sizzler"

Always generous, Lynch as a high school player contemplated where he could take his offensive linemen to dinner on a tight budget after a monster game.

"When I get my grown man strength on April 22, I'm going to be a beast."

A 20-year-old NFL Draft-eligibile Lynch spoke about his hopes and expectations for the pros. Lynch turned 21 on April 22. Was this the origin of Beast Mode? Check it out in the video at the top.

Marshawn Lynch driving a cart

Here's Lynch in college, in full uniform, driving an injury cart around the field with time left on the clock—just because.

"Play tiiiiiiime!"

Might be the single greatest thing Marshawn Lynch has ever done. We grasp the affinity Beast Mode had for Buffalo's fine dining options during his brief time as a Buffalo Bill.

"Skittles used to settle my stomach"

Marshawn Lynch Skittls

Lynch might be the only person in the world who uses candy to settle his stomach, but he is no ordinary guy. Ever since his mother used the sugary treat as an incentive to make her son run faster during Pop Warner, Skittles have been his go-to snack. Lynch recently inked a deal with the candy brand, the first time Skittles has ever paid an athlete to endorse its product.

"You going to say hi to me?"

Lynch really doesn't like to talk on camera, so Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson took it upon himself to ambush the running back when he least suspected it, making for an excellent segment, appropriately entitled "Messin' with Marshawn."

"I'm just 'bout that action, Boss"

After avoiding the media for the entire season and getting hit with a $50,000 fine from Roger Goodell, Lynch stuck around media day at the Super Bowl for exactly six minutes—about the amount of time it takes to lose at Minesweeper. Fortunately, the NFL Network's Deion Sanders tracked him down for a brief gem of an interview, eliciting responses like "smooth," "laid back, kick back," and "you look good too." Never change, Marshawn.

"That was Beast Mode"

What defines Lynch above all else is his punishing running style. He rarely, if ever, goes down on first contact. His enormous torso and legs absorb blow after blow until he's gone to the end zone. No play reveals the essence of Lynch more than his incredible run against the New Orleans Saints during the 2011 NFL Playoffs, when he took a late handoff 67 yards to the house, breaking what seemed like 100 tackles and tossing Saints cornerback Tracy Porter to the ground like a rag doll. Beast Mode indeed.