Best Movie Training Scenes

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The hardest part of any workout is getting started. So if you're going to lift a remote instead of a barbell, at least watch something that will get you moving when it's over. Here are a few flicks to help light the fuse of inspiration and maybe launch you from the living room.

Miracle [2004] In this biopic about the 1980 U.S. hockey team, Kurt Russell plays hard-driving coach Herb Brooks. After his young charges tie Norway in a lackluster effort, Brooks calls them back onto the ice. He has them skate "Herbies"-sprinting from one blue line to the other-until they nearly collapse from exhaustion. Finally, team captain Mike Eruzione [Patrick O'Brien Demsey] barks, "Mike Eruzione. I play for the United States of America!" If that doesn't get your juices going, better have mommy check your pulse.

Vision Quest [1985] Lanky high school wrestler Louden Swain [Matthew Modine] spends much of his screen time preparing with grim reaper Brian Shute [Frank Jasper]. In one intimidating scene, Swain watches Shute climb stadium stairs with a tree trunk hoisted across his back.

Rocky IV [1985] This film has a little something for everyone: the old-school training methods of Vision Quest combined with the chest-thumping patriotism of Miracle. After Rocky [Sylvester Stallone] promises to avenge the death of Apollo Creed at the hands of Soviet super-fighter Ivan Drago [Dolph Lundgren], he finds inspiration in Siberia. Watch Rocky run through waist-high snow. Watch Rocky pull a dogsled. Watch Rocky grow a beard.

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