The 7 Best Plays of the NBA Conference Finals, Ranked

STACK's Jordan Zirm compiles the 7 best plays from the NBA Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Enjoy.

The NBA Conference Finals didn't quite live up to the hype that commonly surrounds match-ups between the four best teams in the league, but that doesn't mean there weren't awesome plays galore.

In case you got bored during the Cleveland Cavaliers' sweep of the Atlanta Hawks, or couldn't stay up to watch the Golden State Warriors dispatch the Houston Rockets in five games, don't fret. We've collected the seven best plays from the combined nine games and put them in one place for your viewing pleasure.

7. James Harden's ridiculous buzzer beater that didn't count—but should have

Just out of pure respect for the distance Harden launched this ball from, the NBA should have awarded the Rockets at least one point for it.

6. J.R. Smith stops and drops on Kent Bazemore

Sweet, sweet Kent Bazemore. You never even had a chance.

5. Dwight Howard turns back the clock

Dwight Howard looked like it was 2009 all over again when he threw down this nasty dunk over Festus Ezeli and Klay Thompson.

4. Stephen Curry's 3-Point Barrage in Game 3

Steph Curry's ability to hit dagger 3-pointers and turn a heckler into a fan in the span of two minutes will become an NBA legend.

3. Andre Iguodala's HUGE dunk

Move, Dwight. Get out the way. Get out the way, Dwight. Get out the way.

2. Stephen Curry's Adorable Baby

When you bring your daughter to the podium with you and she grabs the mic to sing a Big Sean song, telling her father to be quiet because he's being too loud, you've got a Super Baby. You win at life already, Riley Curry.

1. LeBron James's Dunks

Yeah, he may be 30 years old, but he can still take off from just inside the free-throw line or dunk all over your entire squad. STAY WOKE.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock