Best of STACK: Top 10 Articles of 2014

Here are STACK's Top 10 articles from 2014. We hope at least some of them helped you reach a new level in your sport.

In 2014, we added 2,643 articles to Most of them were useful, some were inspirational and a few were downright silly. We hope at least some of them helped you reach a new level in your sport this year.

As we wrap up 2014, we're proud to bring back 10 of our most popular articles from the year. Check them out and let us know on Facebook or Twitter which ones were your favorites.

10. Ditch the Sprints. Here's How to Build True Sports Speed

STACK Expert Chip Smith has trained more NFL talent (over 300 current players) than anyone alive. In the Holiday issue of STACK Magazine, Smith shared the M.O.R.R. system he uses to help NFL stars get faster where it counts—on the field.


8. Training Secrets of the World's Fittest Male Athletes

Training Secrets of the Worlds Fittest Male Athletes

Earlier this year, Men's Health released their list of the 50 fittest male athletes in the world. Because STACK has spent time with many of them in the weight room, we were able to bring you behind the scenes to show you how the best in the world train.

7. The 10 Best Plyometric Exercises for Athletes

Build your next plyo workout with this excellent resource from STACK Expert Andrew Meyers.

6. How Skylar Diggins Became the Future of the WNBA

Skylar Diggins

One of the most electric athletes in the world right now, Skylar Diggins is the first female athlete to be featured solo on a STACK Magazine cover. Our Holiday issue feature gets inside Diggins' head and reveals what makes her tick. It also brings you some of the WNBA star's favorite exercises and drills to help you become more skilled and explosive on the court.

5. 17 Insanely Expensive College Athletic Training Facilities

College training facilities aren't just weight rooms and lockers anymore. With movie theaters, lazy rivers, climbing walls and underground practice fields, today's elite training facilities are off the charts in terms of amenities. In June, we brought you photos of the 17 craziest places where today's top college athletes are training.

4. 6 Eating Mistakes That Undo Your Workouts

Stop sabotaging your workouts in 2015 by eating smarter. In August, STACK's associate content director Andy Haley talked to six top nutritionists to find out what athletes were doing wrong in the kitchen and how they can get better results in the gym by making small dietary tweaks.

3. WNBA Star Maya Moore's Small Diet Change That Produced Big Results

Maya Moore

In October, reigning WNBA MVP Maya Moore told STACK about the amazing results she attained just by eliminating dairy and refined sugar from her diet. Check out the article for tips from Moore about sticking to the diet and one of her favorite recipes.

2. The 20-Minute "No Excuses" Navy SEAL Bodyweight Workout

No time to work out? No equipment? No excuses with this workout from former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod. Use it in 2015 to get in shape wherever you are.

1. 6 Popular Exercises That Are a Waste of Time

Exercises That Waste Your Time

Our most viewed article in 2014 brought together six top trainers to debunk some of the most popular exercises out there. If you want better results, try the alternative moves they recommend.


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