Best Sports Comedy Scenes

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Nerves working overtime before the big game? Relax your mind with a few laughs, courtesy of some of the funniest sports stories ever told on the big screen. 

By Toni Cicone

White Men Can't Jump
Plot: Two comical basketball hustlers join forces to run a risky con game on L.A.'s tough courts.
Funniest Scene: Billy trying to dunk, and failing miserably. You'd think winning five Gs in a twoon-two tourney would be enough for him. But Billy bets his fellow hustler Sydney that he can dunk— even after Sydney warns him that "white men can't jump."

Plot: In need of money to keep the doors open at their health club, the six members of Average Joe's Gym train to win a national dodgeball tournament.
Funniest Scene: Life-threatening training with dodgeballer extraordinaire Patches O'Houlihan. These guys are dodging wrenches and traffic, and running miles of hills, just to play a preschooler's game. Next time you complain about two-a-days, remember this one and smile.

Major League
Plot: A group of misfit baseball players must win the pennant to keep the Indians in Cleveland.
Funniest Scene: Voodoo worshipper Pedro Cerrano and Christian teammate Eddie Harris fight over whether Jesus can hit a curve ball. What do you think?

The Waterboy
Plot: A Louisiana mamma's boy [Adam Sandler] learns he has what his struggling college football team needs to win.
Funniest Scene: Bobby dropkicking a lineman when he says he's gonna get "biblical" with Boucher's mom. C'mon dude. Have you ever seen a Sandler movie where he doesn't win?

The Benchwarmers
Plot: Three non-athletes take up [and dominate] Little League to help a kid rebel against the bullies who won't let him play.
Funniest Scene: Trying to pretend that hall-of-famer Reggie Jackson was ever a benchwarmer. Then, after that, Mr. October himself shows up to teach the guys how to play with drills like Hot Potato and Smashing Mailboxes.


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