Better Chest and Bounce Pass Timing and Technique

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Creating space for your shot and opening clear lanes to the basket can improve your scoring efficiency, but to set up such prime scoring opportunities, basketball players must be able to execute several types of passes.

"It's much easier to score off the pass than off the dribble," says Daryl Smith, CEO and president of D-Trained, a gym that specializes in training basketball players.

Here, Smith dishes some proven techniques for making good chest and bounce passes.

The Chest Pass is best suited for:

  • Quickly advancing the ball up the court
  • Reversing the ball on the perimeter
  • Swinging the ball quickly to the wing

Chest Pass

  • Aim for teammate's number
  • Step toward target and snap wrists
  • Turn thumbs down and out on follow-through

The Bounce Pass is best suited for:

  • Feeding the post
  • Hitting a player on a backdoor cut

Bounce Pass

  • Aim between teammate's knees and chest
  • Use same technique as Chest pass, stepping toward target and snapping wrists
  • Bounce ball off floor

Chest-Bounce-Shoulder Drill

  • Stand on baseline outside painted area facing partner on opposite side of key
  • Shuffle down court exchanging passes in following sequence:
    • Throw chest pass, bounce pass and pass to partner's lead shoulder
    • Partner throws bounce pass, chest pass and pass to your lead shoulder
  • Go all the way to opposite baseline
  • Repeat back to start position

Reps: 3

Coaching Points: Perform at full speed // Practice crisp, accurate passes // Focus on following correct sequence of passes


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock