Calling All College Students: Get Fit With Steve Cook's "Big Man On Campus" Online Trainer

Avoid the freshman 15, and instead get lean with Cook's online trainer's 12-week weight-training course.

Steve Cook

Steve Cook, fitness model and Optimum Nutrition athlete, designed the Big Man On Campus, a lifestyle and weight training system for college students. Avoid the freshman 15, and get lean instead with Cook's online 12-week weight-training course.

First, check out the five BMOC informational videos. They offer college students a comprehensive look at nutrition, supplementation, goal setting, time management and lifestyle.

Second, sign up for's email blasts to receive the latest updates on Cook's program.

After you check out the videos and sign up for the emails, the fun begins! During your 12-week program, you will gain access to the online training course, which includes four workout videos, daily on-page workouts, printable logs and nutrition tools.

Each workout begins with a cardio warm-up. The first day focuses on the chest, triceps and abs; the second day works the back, biceps and calves; the third day is devoted exclusively to cardio; quads, hamstrings and abs on the fourth day; shoulders, traps and calves on the fifth; another round of cardio on day six and active rest on day seven. To enhance your workout endurance, the course offers two supplement packs:  Optimum Big Man On Campus Beginner Stack and Optimum Big Man On Campus Advanced Stack.

Specifically designed for college students, Cook's BMOC program will, he claims, "make you bigger, stronger and more confident."

Start your semester off on the right foot with the free 12-week Big Man On Campus online trainer.


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