Birdman Launching New Clothing Line With Lil Wayne

Rapper Birdman is launching two new clothing lines next spring, one on his own and one with Lil Wayne. Learn more at


Rapper Birdman is jumping into the apparel game with two new brands: YMCMB,  a collaboration with Lil Wayne; and Rich Gang, which takes its name from Cash Money's recently released compilation album. Birdman will work on both with Bravado, a merchandising company that has partnered with artists like The Killers, Pink, Kanye West and Nickelback.

"YMCMB is a line me and my son [Lil Wayne] been workin' on for 20-plus years. We put a lot into it. We started it from nothing. We made it into something. We're super excited about it. We're super excited about being in fashion," said the label exec in an interview with Complex.

Rich Gang will differentiate itself from other Cash Money offerings by appealing to a specific clientele. "Rich Gang is a little higher-end, more of a fashion look. I like the difference because we didn't want them to be the same in no type of way, and they all represent us as whole," continued Birdman. "I think we've been very successful with what we've done so far in the business. And I'm just excited to be in the fashion business. With my son, we did Trukfit, and I think that's been super innovative for the people that brought it and his lifestyle and how he comes across with the skater look."

The New Orleans-bred performer also revealed that he is taking a hands-on approach with the apparel lines. He told Complex that he approves all the designs on Rich Gang, and both he and Weezy look at the designs that will come out for YMCMB.

Both the Rich Gang and YMCMB brands will hit shelves next spring.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock