Bobby Carpenter Demonstrates Explosion Drills on the VertiMax

Former Ohio State standout and veteran NFL linebacker Bobby Carpenter returns to his alma mater to demonstrate how useful the VertiMax can be for football players.

Bobby Carpenter, former Ohio State University standout and veteran NFL linebacker, recently made an appearance at his alma mater to demonstrate how he uses the VertiMax machine in his training. During the demonstration in the Ohio State weight room, Carpenter executed multiple VertiMax drills, including alternating split-leg jumps, quarter quick jumps, resisted high knees, lateral speed slides, back pedaling and sprinting drills.

The VertiMax is one of the most versatile resistance training machines on the market, giving athletes the opportunity to improve their explosive speed, lateral quickness and vertical jump. Because it's so versatile, 19 of the top 25 Division I collegiate football programs have VertiMax machines in their training rooms, including Ohio State.

After the demonstration, Carpenter gave his thoughts on the machine. He said, "I've been fortunate enough to work with [the VertiMax] during my four seasons in Dallas and throughout the off-season. I use the VertiMax a lot in speed and transition work, and it's been very effective in helping my explosion through all planes of motion."

The VertiMax employs eight 30-foot resistance bands, each individually attached to a pulley system, ensuring that they never go slack. The functionality of the eight resistance bands allows them to be reconfigured to facilitate dozens of football-specific training drills that can be performed by anyone from a youth athlete to a pro.

During Carpenter's demonstration, he emphasized not only how the VertiMax has helped him during his football career, but also how beneficial the training machine is for youth athletes. The high stress of resistance training in the weight room can often be unhealthy for developing athletes, but the VertiMax provides results without stressing the joints.

"The band resistance allows you to work without the stress of a typical weight room resistance, which is what makes it appealing for younger athletes," said Carpenter. "The VertiMax can be used in all ranges, sports and ages. It's something that really helps the effectiveness of the explosive athlete."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock