8-Exercise Advanced Chest and Back Workout

Build chest and back strength and size with this advanced workout inspired by elite trainer Todd Durkin.

Are you tired of your upper-body workouts? Is doing the Bench Press over and over again not yielding the results you expected? If so, try this advanced upper-body workout inspired by Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest 10 and trainer to dozens of NFL players.

The workout includes a series of challenging Push-Up and Pull-Up variations that will build strength and size in your chest and back. The workout finishes with a yoga-inspired sequence that opens up the body and strengthens the shoulders—they'll be on fire at the end of each set.

Think bodyweight exercises are easy? Try this chest and back workout, and I bet your opinion will change.

This workout can be used as a substitute for your chest and back day. Or you can add it to your weekly routine to complement a heavy lift day. Watch the videos above to learn how to perform each exercise.

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Chest and Back Workout Guidelines

  • This is an advanced workout. You should be able to perform at least 25 Push-Ups, 10 Pull-Ups and hold a Plank for two minutes before you attempt this workout.
  • The rep ranges are general recommendations. If you can crush the number of suggested reps, do as many as you need to challenge yourself. If it's too difficult, lower the reps. One word of warning: don't go too hard, too fast. You might feel strong on the first set, but this workout includes a total of 6-9 sets of Push-Up and Pull-Up variations. You will be tired by the end.
  • Perform grouped exercises (i.e., 1a and 1b) in superset fashion with 30 seconds of rest between supersets. If you find that conditioning is a limiting factor, rest for 1 minute, but gradually work your way down to 30 seconds.
  • The workout will torch your biceps and triceps. If you want an extra pump, grab a pair of dumbbells and perform the optional arm exercises.

Upper-Body Workout

1a) Plyo In-Out Push-Ups – 2-3x10-15
1b) Guerrilla Pull-Ups – 2-3x5-10

2a) Double Med Ball Push-Ups – 2-3x10-15
2b) Brushing Your Teeth Pull-Ups – 2-3x5-10

3a) Around-the-World Push-Ups – 2-3x10-15
3b) Alternate-Grip Pull-Ups – 2-3x5-10

4) 4-Move Shoulder Sequence – 2-3x5

  • Downward Dog – 10 sec.
  • Plank – 10 sec.
  • Low Plank – 10 sec.
  • Upward Dog – 10 sec.

5) Standing Plank With Shoulder Taps2-3x20

Optional Arm Routine

6a) Rolling Tricep Superset – 2-3x8-10
6b) 10/10 Bicep Builder – 2-3x10 each position

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