Boston Red Sox Pitching Prospect Might Have the Most Bizarre Pre-Pitch Windup Routine Ever

Batters: Good luck getting used to this pitching windup routine.

Roniel Raudes

In sports, consistency is key. That's why you see players go through the same routines over and over. Whether it's before a free throw, a pitch or a snap, routines exist in every sport, and no two are ever alike.

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Some routines are simple and quick; you hardly notice them. Others are bizarre and mind-boggling to watch. Boston Red Sox pitching prospect Roniel Raudes' pre-pitch routine falls in the latter category. The 19-year-old's pre-pitch routine starts with Raudes bending down into a crouch and then taking his glove and the ball above and around his head.

Here is more of that strange action during last season.

Raudes' bizarre pre-wind-up ritual might make some batters do a double take, but it's quite traditional. Once batters get used to it, it shouldn't affect them much, but that's assuming they do get used to it. Last season, Raudes pitched for the Single-A Greenville Drive, and he  had a 3.65 ERA with 104 strikeouts in 113.1 innings.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock