Dominate the Boards: Box Out Drills

You don't have to be the tallest or heaviest guy on the court to dominate the boards. Just learn to box out. Check out these videos of box out drills.

boxing out

To dominate the boards, you don't need to be the tallest or biggest guy in the paint. All it takes to be a great rebounder is learning how to box out your opponents. (Learn to Play Strong Defense With Brandon Jennings.)

The Box Out

  • First, meet the player with your forearm
  • Then put your hip/butt on him to drive him out with your legs
  • Keep a strong base so he can't push you under the basket
  • If your opponent has the inside position, try to drive him under the basket, but don't use your arms to push
  • Once you've boxed out the other player, quickly turn your head around to locate the basketball
  • Finish the play by grabbing the rebound; don't wait for the ball to come to you
  • Finally, chin the ball and protect it so that no one can get in, steal it or tie you up

As with any other skill, daily practice develops muscle memory to where the movement comes naturally. Using the right drills makes all the difference. The following three drills should help you master this essential skill.

Box Out Drills

Reaction Rebounding Drill

This drill teaches you to go quickly from boxing out to reacting and grabbing the board. The quicker you can react to the rebound, the better chance you have of grabbing it.

Kevin Love Rebounding Drill

You won't always have the opportunity to get a clean box out against your opponent. There may be situations where you find yourself boxing out on the offensive end, where, when you go up for a rebound, you're in a battle. This drill trains you to box out and rebound while getting fouled.

Keep the Ball High One-Minute Finish Rebounding Drill

If you get the rebound on the offensive end after boxing out, you want to be able to do something with it. This drill works on rebounding and finishing around the basket for a minute straight each time.

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