Pull Your Weight: The Boxer Workout

Pull hard in the gym to deliver rapid-fire punches in the ring. Check out this boxer workout from STACK Expert D'Angelo Kinard.


From round one to the final blow, the victor in a boxing match is usually the fighter who is able to reload his punches rapid fire. So to push hard in the ring, a boxer must pull more in the gym.

Pulling as a part of a boxer workout is critical. It enables you to improve both the control of your punches and the speed with which you deliver more punches. Development of the back muscles enables a boxer to maintain both punching speed and endurance. (See Build Punching Power From the Ground Up.)

The most effective boxing training exercises for balance and upper body strength are cable pull variations. Cables permit a smooth, continuous motion within a controlled range. They also enable an athlete to perform movements from a functional boxing stance, which develops strength along the complete chain of the body, similar to delivering a punch. This helps to strengthen multiple muscle groups by challenging balance. Here are some of the best cable pull variations for boxers.

High Cable Pulls

  • Use a single arm
  • Position cable attachment at the top level
  • Establish a fighting stance
  • Pull the weight from its highest point down

Face Pulls

  • Position a wide bar or rope attachment at or slightly above chin level
  • Pull the weight toward your face
  • Keep your elbows at the same height as your shoulders

Lat Pulldowns

  • Use strict form and avoid leaning back
  • Squat, maintaining upright back position
  • Pull the weight straight down to a point just below your chin
  • Alternate grips to train different muscles of the back and latissimus (wide, narrow, overhand, underhand)

Low Rows

  • Use a single arm
  • Position cable attachment at the lowest level
  • Establish a fighting stance
  • Pull the weight from its lowest point up toward your hip
  • Switch your stance to accommodate arm movements from both sides  (left = southpaw stance, right = orthodox stance)

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock