High School Boy Too Strong to Play Girls Volleyball

Daniel Jensen disqualified from participating on his high school's female volleyball team because he is too strong.

Jensen Daniel

Some high school sports are gender-specific. Boys play football and girls play volleyball. But who says girls can't tackle and boys can't spike? Yonkers (N.Y.) High School student Jensen Daniel, that's who! Why? Because although Daniel is an avid volleyball player, his physical strength disqualified him from playing on his school's girls volleyball team. And unfortunately for Daniel, Yonkers does not have a boys v-ball team.

In 2011, after receiving permission from the school district, Daniel accepted the girls' invitation to join the team. When last season ended, Daniel was excited to prepare for the current season. But prior to the season, after submitting to skills tests and physical conditioning tests prescribed by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, it was determined that Daniel is too strong to play volleyball with the girls. So the young man has to sit out.

Game over? Not quite yet. The Yonkers HS school district is appealing the decision.

While he waits for the appeals court ruling, Daniel continues to practice with the girls team—with the full support of his high school.  His principal says that the girl's volleyball team moved up a level to face tougher competition as a result of Daniel's skill. If Daniel is not allowed to play, the principal thinks it would be unfair for the team to compete at the advanced level.

In the meantime, Daniel continues to practice his bump, set and spike, so that if and when the call comes, he'll be ready.

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