High School Senior Braden Smith Benches 515 Pounds for 3 Reps

Check out video of top high school recruit Braden Smith bench pressing an incredible 515 pounds for 3 reps.

In a recent viral video, high school senior Braden Smith proves why he's the No. 1 football recruit in Kansas. The offensive guard, who is reported to have a 500-pound Squat max, recently pushed out three Bench Press reps at an incredible 515 pounds—90 pounds more than his previous max and almost double his weight!

Smith has received offers from top football programs such as Auburn and Texas A&M, but who knows where this weight room beast will end up and what kind of weights he'll throw around once he gets there.

Check out the video above to see Smith rep out with an especially remarkable weight.

Bonus Bench Video: Check out the video below of junior defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko putting up 225 pounds for more than 30 reps! Once this Hawaiian junior learns how to lock out his arms completely, he might have a shot at beating Smith's incredible bench record by his senior year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock