How Long Can You Hold This? Brandon Graham's Mini-Hurdle Elevated Core Hold

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham demonstrates an impressive upper-body and core strength move.

Although he was injured for much of the early part of his career, recently re-signed Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham emerged as one of the best in the NFL at pressuring opposing quarterbacks. And he's definitely putting in work this off-season.

Recently, Graham posted an Instagram video showing off his impressive strength. In the clips below, he suspends his whole body on two mini-hurdles. At the end of the hold, he tucks his knees and rotates his legs back and into a handstand position.

In the first video, Graham holds the position for approximately 12 seconds before rotating his torso above his arms. Challenge yourself to see if you can hold this move (pre-flip) as well as Graham does.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock