Brandon Marshall Bet Antonio Brown a Porsche That He'll Have a Better Season

New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall thinks he'll have a better season than Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown. At stake: his Porsche.

Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets is one of the NFL's most dominant wide receivers. At 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, he gives many cornerbacks trouble competing against his large size. Knowing this, Marshall is confident enough to put his Porsche on the line in a bet with Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown.

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Marshall went to his Instagram to challenge Brown on who would rack up more receiving yards during the 2016 season. If Marshall loses, Brown gets Marshall's green striped Porsche. If Marshall wins, Brown will have to give up his black and yellow Steelers-themed Rolls Royce. Check out the post and the cars below.

Marshall's confidence might be bolstered by the fact that he shed 20 pounds of weight this off-season, not to mention his record-breaking performance with the Jets in 2015, when he set a franchise record with 1,502 receiving yards and 109 receptions and made NFL history as the first wideout to get 1,000 yards receiving with four different teams.

Despite all his records, Marshall will have to step it up to beat Brown. AB had 1,834 receiving yards and led the NFL with 136 receptions in 2015.

Good luck Brandon. You might need it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock