Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for the Final Episodes of 'Breaking Bad'

From video clips to teaser photos to interactive graphic novels, AMC is offering lots of ways to prepare for the final season of "Breaking Bad."

If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, you've been waiting for this weekend for over a year. Although the mid-season, year-long hiatus was excruciating, it did give AMC plenty of time to put together some extra goodies. Experiencing all of them will get you even more primed for the final episodes and make it easier to blaze through the remainder of TV's baddest science course.

The second half of Breaking Bad's final season starts Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. EDT. Are you ready?

1. Relive it all by watching it again.

Like all the best TV series, Breaking Bad gets even better the second and third times around. If you don't have time this weekend for an all-day Breaking Bad binge, watch the season recaps, which are artful in their own right. The first season recap, for example, cuts immediately from Walt saying, "I'm doing this for my family" to him killing his first victim. You can also watch Walter White become Heisenberg all over again with the Walter White to Heisenberg Countdown.

2. Play the graphic novel game.

Gawk at the beautiful artwork while putting yourself in Hank's shoes (probably a wide size). The game gives you the option to alter Hank's interrogation style to be much less, well, Hank-like, than his interrogations on the show.

3. Read the comic book.

You'll wish there were more.

4. Speculate on the fan boards.

Will there ultimately be a clash between Gustav's mob in Chile and Walt's new connections in Germany? Just how big is this operation going to get? Who will die: both Walt and Jesse? Neither? Only one? Voice your predictions after mining the sneak previews for clues.

5. Watch the Webisodes.

Which one was your favorite? Leave us a comment.

6. Listen to the soundtrack.

7. Enjoy awesomely weird Web extras.

There's Jesse's music video, Hank's blog, Marie's secret video confession and a criminal aptitude test.

8. Tease yourself with the teaser photos.

Examine photos taken on the set during the filming of the final episodes—including an episode title reveal.

9. Check out the official Breaking Bad podcast.

10. Plan a watch party for Aug. 11.

A pool party, perhaps? Serving fried chicken? Don't meth it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock