Brett Favre Resurfaces, Can Still Throw a Football 100 Mph

Brett Favre might be 47, but his arm is as strong as it was in his NFL days.

It's been seven years since Brett Favre last threw a pass in an NFL game, but though time has taken a toll on most of his body, it apparently hasn't dared to touch Favre's right arm. Favre has always had a cannon, which is one reason why he had full confidence to make dangerous throws in games—but it' also the reason why he threw 336 interceptions over his career.

Sometimes, Favre's passes broke his receivers' fingers. And it looks like he hasn't lost velocity when he tosses the pigskin, even at age 47. Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford got Favre to help him with his offseason training by throwing balls to him to develop his hands, and Favre is whipping the ball so fast it looks like it could shatter any human hand raised to catch it.

Fortunately, Alford doesn't shatter, but there are audible gasps from the people watching. Toward the end of the video, you can hear one  guy exclaim off-camera, "I'm a DB, but I'm not fooling around with Brett." What's even more terrifying is that Favre didn't really step in to any of those throws. They just naturally came out like bullets.

Good luck to whatever group of extras have to catch footballs from Favre in his next Wrangler commercial. No amount of money is worth 10 broken fingers.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock