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My teammates and I do a lot to keep our football team competitive and to teach each guy that we're a band of brothers. In the off-season, we get to know new teammates during meetings where everyone shares what we need to do for the upcoming season. All in all, we welcome the ex-JVs to varsity.

In the summer, we have an event called the "Crusher Olympics," which consists of pushing a truck around the track, bag relays, a basketball tourney and an obstacle course. Splitting up the freshmen, sophomores and seniors onto teams to bond and compete improves the Vintage [football] program athletically and mentally.

Chris Meza
Vintage High School
Napa, Calif.

We're a Division II-A school, and we love volleyball. Our varsity team carries only eight players, but we're competitive. Before every game, we go to an empty space and do a dance called crumping, which we got from a movie. You throw your hands up, shake and just do whatever comes to mind.

Also, we tie purple and white strings (our school colors) to one another to make a chain. The purple string represents our strengths, and the white represents our weaknesses. This ritual helps us figure out what we need to work on. This also makes it easier to say our weaknesses, because we don't feel like we'll be criticized.

Samantha Neyland
Stockdale High School
Stockdale, Texas

How does your team come together before a game? What about after victory, defeat or deep in the off-season? Is there a prayer or chant you say together before the game? A meal you share? A movie you watch? Bring it to us at If we like what you got, we'll feature your team story.

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