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Our varsity football team has a meal every Thursday, the night before the game. If it is a Saturday morning game, we have the meal on Friday night. A group of parents get together to make the meal, and it's usually pretty fancy. I was a member of the JV team, and we would sing our fight song in the locker room after each victory.

– TJ Sheetz
Saint John Vianney High School
Saint Louis, Mo.

My teammates and I are like a family. We bleed while playing a game, sweat when lifting heavy weights and share tears when we overcome hard obstacles. We really don't have any team rituals, but I like to find a quiet place to settle down and think about what I was taught for that game day. Our team dinners aren't the fanciest, but it's just about us together as one—as a family. We don't have any special celebrations after victories. All we do is say our prayer and think about the next game. We do have a tradition called "Family Day." All of the players' family members come out, buy t-shirts and accessories, and then watch us practice and scrimmage.

– Eric Weaver
West Jefferson High School
New Orleans, La.

How does your team come together before a game? What about after victory, defeat or deep in the off-season? Is there a prayer or chant you say together before the game? A meal you share? A movie you watch? Bring it to us at If we like what you got, we'll feature your team story.

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