Footwear Feature: Brooks PureGrit

STACK Expert Sandy Dover tries out Brooks newest trail runner the PureGrit. Check out his review on

Brooks PureGrit

If you've ever run trails, you understand that comfort and protection are prerequisites for a safe trip on uneven terrain. Fortunately, Brooks PureProject collection's featured shoe, the PureGrit, fits the mold of the ideal trail runner, with an emphasis on anatomical and ergonomic excellence. (New to minimalist shoes? Check out this guide for beginners.)

If you ever tried any of Brooks's PureProject shoes, the PureGrit is most similar to the PureConnect. It's bold and attractive in appearance, characterized by dramatic lines and bright trim. The PureGrit also a great feel, specifically because the fit follows the natural shape and curves of foot, most evident in the toe box. Plus it's wider than standard shoes, allowing the toes to spread with better coverage and less cramping.

This particular trail shoe makes use of a great platform under the foot. The midsole's thickness and shape are just right for responsiveness and protection against chafing and from sharp objects.

As with all trail shoes, the outsole is the most important component—for navigating unpredictable trail terrains. The PureGrit's outsole makes this a non-issue with a unique shark tooth-shaped tread, nubbed with a flat edge for durability and an even feel underfoot. The PureGrit keeps its natural feel while standing up to the challenge of rough terrain.

Although it's not perfect, the PureGrit has many positives, and it's one of the best trail shoes available. I highly recommend it for all athletes.

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