Grab a Broom for This Fast-Paced, Full-Body Workout

You can use a broom to get stronger. STACK Expert Jim Carpentier shows you how.

Stuck in neutral with off-season workouts for an upcoming spring sport? Jumpstart your conditioning program with an ordinary broom for a creative, 15-to-30-minute, full-body workout.

Don't be fooled by the light broom. Handling and squeezing the broomstick in vertical and horizontal positions will challenge your grip, forearm and wrist strength. You move through bodyweight exercises using the broomstick to add variety to the movements. You'll get stronger—you don't have to lift hundreds of pounds to build strength—and you'll improve your conditioning and hand-eye coordination.

Give this a try once or twice a week during your off-season. You can even integrate it into your current program or during a recovery week.

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Broomstick Workout

Rest for 30 seconds between each exercises or supersets. 

1. Single-Leg Squat to Single-Arm Overhead Press

  • Stand on your right foot and hold the center of a broomstick with your right hand at your shoulder as if performing a DB Press.
  • Lower into a Single-Leg Squat.
  • As you lower, drive the broomstick overhead.
  • Stand up and lower the broomstick to your shoulder.

2a. Wall Squat and Broomstick Toss

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart 2 feet away from a wall, and place your back against the wall.
  • Extend your arms in front of your shoulders, holding a broomstick in your right hand.
  • Lower into a Squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold this position.
  • Toss the broomstick from hand to hand.

2b. Explosive Push-Ups, Single-Arm Rows and Lateral Shoulder Raises

  • Assume the push-up position with the broomstick to your right.
  • Do 10 Plyo Push-Ups.
  • While still in the push-up position, lift your left leg and hold for five seconds.
  • Grasp the broomstick with your right hand and row it to your armpit; hold for five seconds.
  • Extend your arm to the side to perform a Lateral Raise and hold for five seconds.
  • Do 10 reps and repeat on your opposite side.

3a. Standing Broomstick Twists

  • Assume a squat position and hold the broomstick vertically with one hand on top of the other at chest level.
  • Twist the broom from side to side for 45 seconds as if steering a car.

3b. Vertical Broomstick Squeezes

  • In the same position as above, bring your bottom hand over your top hand.
  • Continue this pattern to work your way up the broomstick.
  • Work your way down the broomstick.
  • Repeat for 45 seconds.

3c. Horizontal Broomstick Squeezes

  • Assume a squat position while holding the broomstick with an overhand, shoulder-width grip.
  • Raise the broomstick overhead.
  • Gradually work your hands across the broomstick so your grip is as wide as possible.
  • Work your hands toward each other until they touch.
  • Repeat for 45 seconds.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock